Where to buy electric shavers

Where to buy electric shavers

An electric razor or shaver is a device which is used for removing hairs. It uses different types of blades that can rotate up, down or backward and forward. While using electric razors you can skip the use of various shaving cream or gel which is generally used when it comes to traditional razors.Where to buy electric shavers

The electric shavers consist of DC motor and batteries with the help of which it operates.  Mainly rechargeable batteries are used in most of the shavers. There is an alternate option for rechargeable batteries such as electromechanical oscillator driven by a solenoid

Electric Shavers are of two types: rotary shaver and foil shaver. People use any one of them as per their requirement. These shavers are mostly cordless. We have to charge it with using the plug cord as they have their charging unit.

History of Electric shavers:

John f. O’Rouke developed the first electric razor in the year 1898. The electric razors were developed by many companies such as Remington Rand Corporation, Philips Laboratories.

Different manufacturers introduced different hair cutting mechanism as an improvement in the electric razors. And because of these improvements, the price of electric shavers also reduced.

In recent times the razors were designed only for dry skin. It was not considered for other skin types. But now with the new addition of improvements, it is available for different skin types. These new changes also changed the way of cleaning electric shavers. Initially, traditional razors were cleaned using running water but now it is not required.

The electric razors which are operated using rechargeable batteries are designed in such a way that its battery is placed in shaver’s case only. So it is user-friendly and easy to carry.These shavers can have different charging options such as built-in charging or separate external charging option.

Some manufacturers also introduced travel-friendly razors. These travel-friendly razors battery is removable batteries or it can be disposable. So one can also purchase the batteries when they are traveling rather than carrying a separate charging unit. Razor Guides best straight razor

Ways to buy electric shaver:

The electric shavers can be bought from the local stores or one can buy it using different online sites. It is easily available on different sites. Some recommended razors are as follows:

  • Braun Electric Shaver Series 7 790cc. is the best razor overall:
  • Philips Norelco 9700 is the best rotary razor.
  • Best affordable razor: Remington F5-5800.
  • Best professional razor: Andis T-Outliner.

But before buying there are many points which one has to consider. Some of the points can be considered are what is the purpose of using a razor, what is the power consumption of it, either you want wet or dry electric shaver, prize range,etc.electric shaver also need to replace their blades in particular time as it was in traditional razors.

So when you buy the razor one must consider the replacement of its blades. If the razor is expensive, blades are also expensive.So there are different factors while buying a razor.

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When buying razor either at the local store or at an online shop, you must the specifications and comparisons of various razors.