Where to Buy Electric Shaver

Where to Buy Electric Shaver

An electric razor is also recognized as the dry razor, electric razor or shaver. It is the razor which comprises of rotating or oscillating blades.Where to Buy Electric Shaver

The electric razor generally doesn’t require the shaving cream, soap or water.


The shavers are powered by the electric charge of DC motor. The DC motor is then powered by batteries or mains electricity.

The recently launched electric shavers can be powered by with the help of rechargeable batteries.

The electric shavers are described as the two major types. The types are differentiated as foil type and rotary-style.

Importance of Electric Shaver:

The rotary type electric shavers are cordless. These types of shavers are charged with a plug charger. They can be situated within a cleaning and charging unit.

Few of the electric shavers are usually marketed as travel razors. The travel razors use removable, rechargeable or the disposable batteries. The size of the shavers is AA or AAA.

This type of manufacturing offers the alternative of purchasing the batteries while travelling rather than carrying a charging device.

The electric shavers can be bought online as well as in the retail stores. The website which sell the electric shavers are mentioned below:

  • Amazon
  • Flipkart
  • TataCLIQ
  • Snapdeal
  • Croma
  • Panasonic

The online stores are the one stop destination for the online purchasing of the electric shaver of all types of brands.

The online stores give it customers the multiple payment gateways so that they are able to pay via their preferred payment option.

The customer could choose to pay via any payment option available. The payment modes such as credit or debit cards, payment wallets and cash on delivery as well.

The stores also permit their customers to avail the easy EMI schemes.

The Easy EMI schemes are available on card payments and through the finance of the customer. Moreover, to ensure that the customers rejoice their product to the fullest, the online stores encourages the purchase of Extended Warranty, an insurance which safeguards their product against any kind of mishaps.

The electric shavers are sold in the category of Personal Care and Health Products.

The purchase of electric shaver from online stores give you the right to hassle-free shopping. The customers have the choice of vast selection within many various electric brands.

Purchasing the electric shaver online has its own advantages.

If the customer is not satisfied with the electric shaver delivered to him then there is an option of ‘Return products’.

The return policy is quite easy for the customers. When you purchase the electric shaver online, 100 percent protection for the purchase is provided.

For example, if the customer is paying the amount via credit or debit card then he/she need not worry about the personal information details to be leaked by the website.

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The shipping of the electric shaver which is purchased from online store is free of cost. No charges are applied for the shipping purpose. The payment option if pay on delivery is also available.

Various kind of deals and discounts are offered on the online store. The deals are offered to make the purchase of the product easy for the customer.