1978: Proposition 13

Moment in History:

Proposition 13, implemented in 1978, changed the way property values are assessed in California by capping property tax at 1% and limiting property value increases to 2% per year. Designed to prevent homeowners from being taxed out of affording their homes, the proposition had repercussions elsewhere. According to the California Budget Project, “California schools’ reliance on the state budget reflects passage of Proposition 13 in 1978, which fundamentally changed how schools receive their dollars. Between 1970-71 and 1977-78, California schools received the largest share of their revenue from the local property tax; however, since Proposition 13 schools have received the majority of their dollars from the state.” This has led to a number of cuts in education especially in districts that are not funded privately in any way.

An Expert’s Perspective

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