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Program Synopsis:

RACE 2012, a Conversation About Race and Politics in America, a PBS Election Special, uses the current presidential election as a lens through which to explore America’s rapidly changing racial landscape. A PBS election special from award-winning filmmaker Phillip Rodriguez, RACE 2012 delves into immigrants’ reshaping of the American electoral landscape, white voters’ reaction to their declining numbers and diminished influence, and the economic imbalance between races that will influence America’s political future. Fast-moving and non-partisan, RACE 2012 draws insights on racial political history and current trends from a wide range of analysts, including author/legal scholar Randall Kennedy, sociologist/author Rich Benjamin,  pollster Matt Barreto and journalist Ronald Brownstein. The film also features Debra Dickerson, author of the controversial book The End of Blackness and now a committed activist in the Occupy Wall Street movement. In conjunction with the documentary, the filmmakers will reach out to younger, more diverse audiences via a national multimedia engagement campaign.

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